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I Miss You Lexey (Jaymis Page)
Poemz About Lexey Written By SabbyCat
Chrissy's Tribute To Lexey Page
~*Updatez On Lexey*~
Wallpaperz Made For Lexey & Of Lexey
Pix Of Lexey & One Of Her& Her Dad(Tom)
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I Miss You Lexey (Jaymis Page)

I Made This Page For My Friend Jaymi . On This Page You Will Find Her Fav Pic Of Lexey..A Poem She Wrote ETC This Page Will Be Updated When She Wants More Things On Here :-)


This Is My Favorite Pic Of Lexey That A Friend Of Sabby & Linda's Made For Them

What an Angel means to me........

by Jaymi Kyle


An Angel is a special person, and i know One Special Angel in my eyes named Lexey. She was a nice, loving, pretty, sweet, honest, special, one of a kind, and a caring girl. Lexey means alot to other people. Espically to my mom and I. An Angel is a beautiful guardian that has wonderful white feathers and, and beautiful golden halo, she is also a miracle of gods work. I know Lexey is loved and cared for deeply and just that kind of person you could always come to love and know. So what an Angel means to me is that everything Lexey is. So if you know or knew Lexey thats what an angel means to me.....