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Poemz About Lexey Written By SabbyCat

        ~*~My Very Own Angel~*~~y 
Written By Sabrina Warden
(Better Known Az SabbyCat)
Its Been One Month And  13 Dayz The day I lost my bestfriend, my sis..I know shez safe and looking over me Feeling her presence, but i can not see her.but shez always there when I need her.Although lexeyz no longer here on earth with me..she will continute to be on my side and watch over me..lexey will never let me down when i need and lexey, together  az Bestfriendz? NO we are more than that..we are bestfriendz who are like family she was always first on my list and will alwayz come first now shez  up above in heaven  Ill see her again on our day and When I have a lot to say I know she will continue to watch over me Until that day itz my Angel that I see

Mary Ann Lexey Hughes